U Konserve Insulated Food Jar-Sky

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This insulated stainless steel food jar can be used from when your bubba starts solids up to adulthood! We started trialing this product specifically for Bubby Wil's food but have since used it for such a wide variety of things that we just had to add it to our stock for you all,  Perfect for baby food on the go, soups, slow cooked meals, curries, risottos, pasta and so much more, the U Konserve leak proof jar has been a very handy addition to our lunch box kit. It doesn't just keep things warm though, it will keep things cold also so great for things like yoghurt or salads also without fear of them going off. See the description for instructions to use.

Our stainless steel leak-proof insulated food jars keep food hot or cold for hours! Pack soup or chili in the morning, and lunch will be steaming when you are ready to eat. Pack smoothies, pasta salad or yogurt and it stays cool until lunchtime.

Similar to a thermos, insulated food jars are designed to keep the temperature you start with, so we recommend pre-heating by pouring very hot water inside and letting sit for a few minutes before pouring out and adding your piping hot food, and pre-chilling in the freezer for a few minutes (lid off) before adding your cold food. Our food jars keep pre-heated food hot up to 5 hours, and pre-chilled food cold up to 8 hours (and often longer depending on the starting temperature and outside temperature).

Please remove stickers before getting container wet to prevent sticker residue.

• Double-walled and vacuum insulated
• Dishwasher safe, top rack (Our original food jars should be hand washed. To see if you have an original food jar, look for the small hole on the base.)
• Exterior is cool when filled with hot foods and moisture-free when filled with cold foods
• Container: 304 (18/8) stainless steel, lid/base: PP #5 plastic, seal: silicone
• Container tare weight: 10.125 ounces
• 12 ounces, 5.25" x 3.5", 350ml  Size: 13.3cm high x 8.9cm diameter
• BPA-free, phthalate-free and lead-free



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