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Pregnancy Essentials Box

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Being pregnant is one of the most amazing experiences and is without doubt, one of the most important times to look after your body given everything that goes on your body, may be absorbed, potentially reaching that precious bub inside. It was during my first pregnancy that I personally became very conscious of all of the chemicals in mainstream products and although not all chemicals are bad, there are plenty that have proven to be dangerous. Some have been banned in other countries already. I started looking at ingredients in my beauty products (although may only list the active ingredients hiding all of the other nasties) and realised that sometimes just getting out of the door in the morning meant I was putting on up to 200 chemicals!! When I started researching natural products, and trialing and testing many, I realised it was absolutely not necessary to put any chemicals on my body-whatsoever! I could have perfectly good products that did exactly the same thing as mainstream products (if not better) without a significant cost difference and I want you all to know that there are other fantastic alternatives out there too which is the whole reason for this website. To bring you the best natural products that I ultimately found the best value for money. If it works the same, why risk it?

In this essentials box we have just the basics to help keep you nourished, healthy and pampered during pregnancy. We have included magnesium flakes, an absolute essential during pregnancy to help ease aches and pains, reduce magnesium deficiency and even potentially help those restless legs. We have chosen the Eco Prenatal Body Oil to nourish your growing belly (without the chemicals that the mainstream stretch mark oil's include) as well as a delicious organic tea specifically for pregnancy full of minerals and nutrients that support during the 2nd and 3rd trimesters.

This makes a thoughtful gift for a special lady (or yourself!) available at a discounted price. All items are available for individual purchase also. 



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