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POWER BODYCARE Naturally Sourced Magnesium Chloride Flakes 500g

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If you haven't given magnesium a try by now, I recommend you do!  Cotruvo (2006) highlight a range of benefits of magnesium including regulation of blood pressure, increased energy efficiency, calcium retention, improved heart function and vascular health. Gums (2004) finds that Magnesium plays a role in more than 300 enzymatic reactions and is critically involved in energy metabolism, glucose utilization, protein synthesis, fatty acid synthesis and breakdown. Deficiencies of magnesium (which is becoming more common) may cause conditions such as diabetes mellitus, pre-eclampspia and heart failure (Gums 2004). It has been said to help you sleep better and improve general well being. 

We have been using flakes in the bath for a couple of years now and have personally seen benefits from an energy perspective-and we all sleep well in our house ;). Well most of the time-enter 4 month fussy baby stage... I add to the bath of the boys twice weekly. I give myself a nice soak once a week as well as using the oil which is also available for sale. Magnesium Chloride is absorbed more readily by the body when applied topically as opposed to being ingested.

If you would prefer, you can also make your own oil using these flakes by adding to distilled water (500g salts to 250g distilled water) and shaking until dissolved. 

Since the skin is your largest living, breathing organ you want to protect and nourish it carefully ensuring everything you absorb through this vital gateways is healthy and clean. One of the purest natural sources of alkanising magnesium chloride is in this bag, drawn from the ancient underground Zechstein Sea at an average depth of 1800 metres-this seabed source is estimated to be 250 Million years old.




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