Mama Body Tea Pregnancy 35 serves

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If you are anything like me and like to research, you may have found that there are that many herbs/oils etc that are recommended to be avoided or reduced during pregnancy . For example, green tea has been shown to reduce the absorption of folate (M Shiraishi - ‎2010) so gulping down a significant amount is perhaps not a great idea. How annoying how many things are to be avoided when all you want is to eat and drink EVERYTHING in site! Anyway, I decided to replace a couple of my green teas per day with something a little more suitable and good for me and my growing baby. I had been drinking the morning sickness tea from Mama Body early on in an attempt to alleviate my sickness so my love affair with this range had already started. I chose this pregnancy tea as my green tea replacement and really enjoyed it. No caffeine so I particularly liked this one at night. do make sure to let it infuse as per directions to get the full flavour. 

Nourishing for you and your bump…

A warming blend of organic herbs to support and nourish you and your growing bump through your second and third trimester of pregnancy. The herbs used in our pregnancy tea blend have been hand picked as they all offer therapeutic qualities for a Mama to be.

Full of nutrients and minerals to support your pregnancy journey. It is naturally caffeine free and can be enjoyed any time of the day or night.


Place one heaped teaspoon of tea per cup into a teapot or infuser. Add 250ml of near boiling water (80-90C). Allow to infuse for 7-10 minutes.

Organic Ingredients: Herbal Tisane made from Oat straw, rosehip shells, lemon verbena, nettle and ginger.




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