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Gaia Nipple Balm 40ml

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Arghhh the first couple of weeks of breastfeeding means sore nipples, I think most would agree. It would be nice if breastfeeding was easy and painless automatically but realistically, when your nipples haven't been exposed to constant suction and moisture the way that they are with a newborn, its only natural for them to take some time to toughen up! I don't think I necessarily needed a nipple cream, breast milk can be just a nourishing but I did like to rub this cream in once a day to soothe as an extra bonus.

Lanolin is quite common in nipple creams but there is a bit of debate around the purity of the product particularly if you have concerns about GMOs. I am not convinced either way but as always, choose to err on the side of caution so opted for this version.

A nourishing organic balm for breastfeeding mothers to moisturise, soothe and protect sore, cracked nipples.

Use during pregnancy to help prepare your nipples for the demands of breastfeeding.

Once your baby is born, use after every feed to keep the nipple area in good condition for your baby to latch onto.

FREE from lanolin, petrochemicals and mineral oil, GAIA nipple balm is made from pure, edible organic oils, including sunflower and avocado, so there is no need to rinse before feeding.

Vegans please note: this product contains beeswax.

Organic sunflower oil*, organic avocado oil*, organic beeswax*, organic carrot seed oil*, organic calendula extract*, organic chamomile extract*, organic jojoba oil*, tocopherol acetate (natural vitamin e) *Australian Certified Organic



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