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Bass 100% Bamboo Body Brush

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Have you tried dry body brushing? I came across it probably 5 or so years ago when I was looking at ways to get rid of some cellulite in the top of my legs. Now, to clarify I think there is more to minimising cellulite than giving your skin a good scrub and quite frankly, I couldn't care less about a few dimples here and there now but I do love that I was introduced to dry body brushing either way!

Apart from the obvious exfoliating benefits, dry body brushing is said to stimulate the lymphatic system, increase circulation and therefore energy, clears pores and apparently evenly distribute fat deposits. I personally find that yes, my skin certainly improves-and you see that quite quickly, you don't need prolonged use for that. I dry brush before a shower (because I like to wash off all of the dead cells) and then apply a rich body butter afterwards. The butter absorbs more easily and the result is awesome. If you are fake tanning, there is nothing like prep with a good body brush too.

BUT, so many brush bristles out there are synthetic and it is REALLY important to get natural bristles since they are much softer on the skin. You actually want to get a little red when you brush but you don't want to damage your skin! So these are my personal favourite brushes which are 100% natural bamboo. You always brush towards your heart-to gain the most benefit (the cover on the brush will show you how to do this). And I like the removable handle so you have a choice to use it with or without-I like the handle for my legs and back but take the handle off for the rest of my body. You can also use the brush wet too if you prefer. 

100% Pure Bamboo wood

Less soap-more lather. Stimulating and invigorating. Excellent for massage.

Ideal for travelling! Less soap,,, more lather.



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