Bambooty Modern Cloth Nappy BASICS with Bamboo

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I had decided early that I was going to use modern cloth nappies and I am so glad that I did. The initial investment took a lot for me to justify, but the truth is, they save you so much money in the long run that in the end it was a no brainer. 

They are brilliant. They save all of the waste going to landfill, they save my bin from being full of poo and yes they save money. I didn't find the extra laundry a hassle. If you only have a few nappies I suppose it would come a hassle but having many meant I would wash every few days or so. I personally just did a pre-wash rinse when I got a few together which meant little odour. I did not use cloth nappies for my newborns (especially being breastfeed and the considerable amount of poo that happens early!), only once they were approximately 3 months old did I begin using them and for me, I only used them throughout the day with a disposable at night.

This is why we want to offer them because we believe in them. They also have fantastic reviews online! We only have the one size fits all listed as we have found them to be the best value for money and we prefer to use the bamboo snap in rather than the microfibre as it dries quicker and is a natural, breathable material. I like the snap in liner particularly as I have boys and it allows for you to put a double layer in the front. These nappies are also a relatively slim fit compared to others so clothes fit well. We want you to try them out!

A OSFM nappy that fits from birth right through to potty training!

This nappy comes standard with Bamboo Inserts which are fast drying

Fluffy Minky shell

Suede-cloth topped absorbency insert, easily and quickly snaps in and out of the nappy

Customisable for boys and tummy sleepers

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