About us

Natural Mumma is all about sharing our knowledge and experience to save you precious energy and time when choosing the best affordable, low tox products for yourself and your families. This extends to showing you simple, wholefood recipes that have high nutritional value with minimal effort (and dishes) required. We don't follow trends, we just do the research and testing which means more time for you to enjoy the finer things in life.

Low-tox Products

  • All of our products are free from 'nasties' including parabens, sodium lauryl sulfate, petrochemicals and our reusable products are of course, BPA free.
  • Just because ingredients are derived from nature does not mean they are not toxic to someone which is why we use 'low tox' as a term. For example, some people have allergies to essential oils which are completely natural. We choose to reduce the likelihood of adverse reactions by using products that are predominantly organic. If we can get the same result, for the same price but without suspect chemicals then why wouldn’t we?
  • We aim to reduce our impact on the environment by offering reusable products but also are motivated by reducing our personal expenses or improving our lifestyles by using reusable products. For example, using a reusable insulated coffee cup means Mumma's may be able to finish their coffee while its still hot!
  • We won't necessarily stock the whole range of a brand if we haven't used and approved every single product. Our range is limited for a reason. This may not suit everyone but we cant sell a product that does not satisfy our requirements.We are genuine, we really want to share our experiences and we want you to do the same.
  • We will provide honest reviews and product descriptions-they can be very descriptive but if you want the truth, you have come to the right place. 



  • We believe in wholefood and making it ourselves. Forget the packets and forget the additives.
  • We believe in order to make things ourselves, there needs to be few ingredients, few steps involved and few dishes. 
  • We believe treats can always be refined sugar free and still taste great.
  • We believe in loading up the nutrition in everything for our families-when we can get away with it.
  • Food should be enjoyed, not a cause of anxiety so we don't completely exclude any food group-but do minimise certain food groups that have significant studies that support minimising our intake including refined sugars and flours, red meat, dairy and anything processed. We want our kids to enjoy food too and enjoy a wide range of wholefoods to improve their gut health.


Giving back

  • We are working with Cancer Treatment Centres to provide natural care packs to patients undergoing cancer treatment such as chemotherapy that can cause sensitivities to traditional care products. 
  • We also support suppliers that are philanthropic such as the EverydayGood co who donate 50% of their profits to the Hunger Project Australia and That Red House who support 'Grow Nepal'. If we can contribute using suppliers who also contribute, then what a significant difference we can make.

Our values:

  • HONESTY: Offer good value low tox products that are used, tried and tested by us personally to make sure they do what they say they can do. Be honest in our descriptions and reviews.
  • LOW TOX-Minimise our use of toxic, artificial ingredients in both cosmetic and dietary applications
  • ENVIRONMENT-Minimise our impact on the environment
  • FAMILY-Prioritise the health and wellbeing of our families and involve them in our cooking
  • ENJOYMENT-Enjoy our food, enjoy our family, enjoy our homes, enjoy our bodies, enjoy ourselves.



About the founder

My name is Jessie and I am a Mum of two beautiful boys-and no, we are not going to try for a girl! Like most businesses, this one started due to frustrations with what was already out there. When I was pregnant the first time around, I became very aware of the toxins I was slathering all over my body and wanted natural alternatives-but I didn't want to pay a loading just because it was organic! Being from a regional area made it particularly difficult to source this type of product.It was through quite a bit of trial and error and discussions with professionals that I found some good products that did what they say and at a reasonable price. And I wanted to share this with other Mum's so it might save them a bit of time too. This has now extended to a group of trusted women, men and kids testing out and approving our products because I know that what I like may not be suitable for everyone else-particularly when it comes to hair care and skin care.

We also wanted to give our kids the best start to their life with the aim of normalising healthy foods like vegetables so we didn't have to go through a fight everyday trying to get them eat it! I saw that these fights were a point of terrible anxiety for mothers and fathers everywhere and I was adamant that I was going to avoid that if I could. So from the day my children were introduced solids they were given a beautiful variety of foods, with flavour and always loaded with nutrition. We all love food so we have developed many recipes that are refined sugar free without empty calories aiming to develop our children's palate, keep them interested and keep them healthy. But it has to be easy! None of our recipes are an exact science-we are very much a throw this amount into a bowl and stir. You don't have to use 5 pots and pans to get a few muffins! We want to encourage people to make their own food to avoid the additives so it must be a simple, clean process.

Overall, I hope this website can become a valuable resource for those out there who want to get back to basics, use natural products, use convenient reusable products to minimise their impact on the environment, eat real food and enjoy their families. Hopefully we can encourage a community of like minded people to support each other and bring fresh ideas.  

Thanks so much for your precious time. I seriously hope you get something out of it.



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